Ensure quicker and frequent software delivery with superior quality.

With Agile and DevSecOps, organizations are speeding up their software/product release cycles to get their features to the market faster and thereby constantly delivering value to the customers. Supporting this organizational capability requires people, process and technology to achieve impeccable quality at maximum speed. At ByteForza, we offer excellent quality engineering by offering a wide range of software testing services and solutions for the next generation enterprises and software product firms. This includes automated testing methodologies to empower your business for faster delivery of features by enabling precision through seamless, rapid, automated test suites. We have established a QA Center of Excellence to implement the best possible software testing methodologies and tools. Our QA team ensures that the software is fully functional, secure, reliable and intuitive and thus, provides best customer experience.

Investing in Software Testing

Software complexity is growing at a rapid pace and the end users are more demanding in terms of better user interface, faster release cycles, performance, usability, availability from wherever and whatever and so on. Competition is much different now and quality is a unique differentiator for organizations. Irrespective of the size of your business, it’s critical to invest in software testing by engaging a software testing team - or the business will start losing customers left, right and center. Without adequate testing, issues can happen at any time and create significant business impact to organizations.

Our experienced QA team will evaluate your organization’s business objective and software feature requirements thoroughly, identify its challenges and address them as efficiently as possible to ensure best customer experience for your end-users. We’ve put together best quality assurance processes, with the state-of-the-art tools and methodologies to solve your organization’s complex software needs within expected time frames for faster delivery. Our team will provide full access and visibility to the testing progress. We will ensure that we execute tests in secure environments and follow industry standard security practices to keep your data 100% safe.

Test Automation

With Agile and DevSecOps based rapid pace software development and delivery, it makes it extremely challenging to thoroughly test an application prior to release due to time and cost constraints. If bugs slip through the QA cycle undetected and gets into production environment, it can lead to customer dissatisfaction and businesses will have a significant impact on their bottom line. Especially, if the test cases are executed repeatedly as part of frequent release cycles or as part of regression testing, this will considerably increase the time taken for manual testing.

With our test automation suite, our team will ensure that test cases are executed automatically and at scale by distributing them in parallel across multiple virtual servers in the cloud. Our approach provides significantly faster feedback on the quality of the software and its suitability for the release. We can significantly increase test coverage and free-up the testers to focus on creative testing such as exploratory or user-journey testing. Our automated testing takes out the frustration of the QA team in doing low-level repetitive testing while increasing the repeatability and accuracy of the tests thereby enabling testers to focus on more challenging and rewarding work such as risk analysis. Our QA solutions and tools are robust, reliable, easy to use, and integrate well with DevSecOps pipelines, thereby increasing testing efficiency with shortened test cycles.

Security Testing

Security attacks has grown exponentially in quantity, quality, and the impact potential. Security breaches whether they are minor or major might lead to loss in customer confidence, trust and ultimately impacts the business revenue. Security testing will enable organizations to proactively identify security vulnerabilities and take corrective measures to prevent threats as well as reduces organization’s risks. Robust security testing approach will increase the chances of businesses succeeding in an increasingly threatening and complex technology landscape.

Our QA teams fully understand the importance of security testing and the idea of “shifting left” by addressing security early-on in the software development lifecycle as part of our DevSecOps methodology. We embed quality assurance and InfoSec personnel as part of our agile teams to integrate information security objectives and enable building more secure systems. Security & Quality is built into the development cycle and its part of our team’s daily work instead of being an after-thought after production deployment. Security Controls are embedded as part of DevSecOps pipeline and security artifacts are automatically generated as part of the CI/CD pipeline to enable auditors and assessors to conduct assessment activities effectively. Our team also ensures data security by adopting robust data security processes, methodologies and tools to enable organizations to protect the integrity of data by preventing unauthorized usage and modifications.

Test Automation Process

Testing Tools

Telerik Test Studio
Visual Studio Test Professional