Application Development & Modernization

Accelerate your Business Growth by Building Cloud-Native Applications

Technology evolves at a rapid phase and businesses need to leverage latest technology to stay ahead of their competition. Maintaining legacy code with technical debt is an expensive operation and takes time away from core business mission. Legacy code changes are often notoriously difficult to update and expensive and on the other hand, not updating the code might leave you exposed to liability. Today’s Customer base expects new features to be released faster than ever before. We can address all of these challenges by our end-to-end Application Development & Modernization Services focusing on usability, security, and quality. Our team follows industry leading practices in software development including Agile and DevSecOps to ensure its performance is efficient with security built into each phase of the Software Development Lifecycle (SDLC). We recognize the importance of cloud-native application development in digital transformation and this includes building an application from the scratch or modernizing an application to fit into cloud.

Cloud-Native Development

Cloud-native development is an essential component of delivering business value by enabling quick build and delivery of applications in response to customer needs. Cloud-native applications are purpose built for the cloud. Cloud platform offers instant provisioning, easy scale-out and flexibility of the infrastructure and this enables Agile teams to rapidly build and deploy applications.

Our development team leverages open standards for interoperability in developing cloud-native applications and we follow the industry standards 12-Factor App principles. Based on our prior experience, we have created a repository of reference implementation on containerized platforms such as Docker & Kubernetes as well as PaaS models on Azure and AWS. Our team also leverages “Infrastructure-as-Code – IaC” to automate the provisioning of cloud infrastructure and this includes using Azure ARM templates, Cloud Formation templates and Terraform.

Application Modernization

Is your business burdened due to high maintenance costs of legacy code? Waiting on a ticking time bomb is not an option. We can help alleviate your problem by enabling you to get started with the journey of modernizing your application portfolio. Take advantage of the latest application trends and innovations by leveraging flexible, agile architectures that improve performance and drive market growth.

We can help align your application portfolio landscape from traditional to a more modern, optimized and user-centric architecture. We understand that there is no universal strategy for application modernization, and different strategies are needed for different scenarios. We follow the 6 R’s of application modernization strategy namely: Rehost, Replatform, Refactor, Rearchitect, Rebuild, and Replace. Our team can help you understand the risks and rewards, effort and impact of each of these strategies and we can help you choose the most optimal strategy that will enable you to derive the maximum business value while finding ways to mitigate your risks.

Beat your competition by accelerating time-to-market

Getting to market quickly is paramount in today’s competitive digital landscape. In order to beat your competition, you need to keep your application portfolio fresh by keeping up to date with new features. You should have the capability to release new features in days and not in months.

We release early and often & with higher quality of code and our team builds and deploys new features rapidly by leveraging industry best practices – Agile, DevSecOps, Containerization, Microservices and Infrastructure-as-Code(IaC).

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