Big Data and Analytics

Next Gen Data Analytics for enabling smart decisions to accelerate growth.

With the advent of digital transformation and proliferation of digital data, organizations are struggling with large amount of data and hence are taking on new strategies for analyzing big data and for improving customer experience and smart decision making. Our team has extensive experience in the process of collecting, organizing and analyzing large amount of data to reveal hidden patterns, unknown correlations, customer likes, and other critical information that can aid businesses in making informed and smart decisions. Our Big Data & Analytics expertize encompasses multiple domains with solutions customized to derive best results for the underlying problems and our services include data mining, metadata management, data integration, data warehouse management, data evaluation, predictive analytics, text mining, data optimization & forecasting. With our end-to-end Big Data and Analytics Services, we can enable organizations to minimize risk by identifying and resolving data related security risks ahead of time, identify & analyze data that is critical for future business decisions, increase operational efficiency & risk management and enable smart decision making to accelerate business growth. Our data visualization service leverages latest tools such as Cognos, Qlik, Tableau & Power BI to provide better insights into advanced & complex data, real time trend analysis and accurate data evaluation.

Big Data Strategy Consulting

Organizations with no prior experience in data science and big data analytics struggle to comprehend the emerging trends and need help in choosing the right technology and the right analytics platform. Organizations need a robust Enterprise Information Architecture to stay ahead of their competition and there is a need to continuously invest and innovate to attract customers in the market and this in-turn requires effective usage of data from both internal and external sources. Our big data & analytics experts can identify and analyze business requirements, recommend solutions and also assist in implementing these solutions successfully. Our Analytics strategy leverages predictive analytics that will inform organizations about what could happen in the future based on past data. We take into account various business functions, their interdependence, external influencing factors, geolocation of business and past behavior to define the analytics roadmap. We also conduct Analytics Maturity Assessment to help organizations decide on the prep work required to align with their Analytics Roadmap. Our team will thoroughly review the existing information architecture landscape from both business and technical perspective, identify gaps and offer future recommendations. We fully understand the Greenfield and Brownfield implementations and our Data Science & Analysis team will work closely with business and IT teams to discover, analyze and strategize their future roadmap for the next Gen data warehouse architecture. As Data is considered as a corporate asset, we will define a data governance policy, data archival policy and data retention policy. We will work closely with business users to define the reporting and visualization strategy. We offer Big Data Strategy to assess the available unstructured data and its benefits and thereby building a future road map to achieve maximum profits from the available data silos.

Data Visualization

Investing in Big Data Analytics, Business Intelligence & Reporting capabilities can improve business efficiency, decision-making, and strategic planning. However, with large volumes of data, organizations can become data blind if it lacks appropriate data visualizations. It is critical for businesses to strategize and implement a data analytics and visualization solution that will aid the businesses in smart decision making process. This includes identifying the data analytics requirements with clear scope and specific goals to achieve in order to support the organizations smart decision making process. Quality and accurate data visualization is essential during the decision making process.

Our Data Visualization experts are experienced working with data visualization applications, custom dashboards and self-service reports to meet the business needs of your organization. We can also assess your current Business Intelligence environment, evaluate existing reports/ dashboards and provide recommendations for customization/improvements to meet your business goals. We can also help organizations discover patterns, insights, trends, and potential usage strategy by leveraging better data visualization methods. Our Data Visualization Strategy and Tool implementation can offer one version of truth across the organization, providing maximum ROI by saving time and effort while delivering accurate results for better decision making.

Data As A Service (DaaS)

Today’s Enterprise is dealing with huge amount of data with increased demand for storage. Unfortunately, most big data repositories exist in silos and the different departments within the organizations do not share information with one another. Often Big Data is disorganized, obtuse, and probably wouldn’t make sense to business users until it is organized in a manner for the businesses to gain insights and trends.

Our Data-as-a-Service (DaaS) will help solve this problem by enabling organizations to access real-time information streams from anywhere in the world. With our DaaS based service, organizations can establish a subscription based model for data stream access on demand and this also help organizations to fully leverage agility by extending it to data as well. With DaaS every department within an organization can access the information it needs, when it needs it, without having to worry about the restrictions placed by the other department. DaaS will offer your business a means to streamline data more effectively and with more insight.

Our Big Data and Analytics Ecosystem