DevSecOps Services

Integrate security into all stages of the DevOps pipeline – “shifting security left”

Bridging the gap between development and operations team through DevOps has enabled businesses to build software solutions and products in far quicker time than ever before. However, most often security has not been considered as a “first class citizen” and viewed as a hindrance to quick delivery of software. Organizations are increasingly focused on breaking down the traditional silos between the development, testing and operations teams, but they haven’t been integrating security into all phases of their SDLC, becoming prone to the risk of threats and vulnerabilities. Our end-to-end DevSecOps services includes integrating security as a major component of the DevOps practices. Through continuous monitoring, assessment and analysis, we will ensure that weaknesses and security loopholes are identified early in the development process and remediated immediately.

Shifting Security Left

Organizations are under constant pressure to deliver software features and innovative products at an accelerated pace. To achieve this rapid software delivery objective and ever-rapid release schedule, agile software teams are adopting the DevOps model for its increased efficiency and agility. Traditional waterfall security practices treats security as a bolt-on process and typically it begins very late in the SDLC or product lifecycle. This approach is at odds with the agile DevSecOps process. While organizations are improving their DevOps game and continue to evolve their CI/CD pipelines, malicious attacks are on the rise. They are slowly realizing that DevOps are great for quick delivery of software but the risks of loose security remain real, immediate, and extremely costly.

We will help your organizations to embrace shift security practices left and incorporate security into each phase of the DevOps cycle, ensuring that security does not impede faster delivery of software. We take a holistic approach in integrating security into the DevOps cycle and this involves new organizational structure, new processes, new skills and new tools. We will bring the necessary application security tools to embed security throughout the DevOps cycle and use continuous automation tools throughout integration and development to enhance security posture, quality and compliance. With our DevSecOps services, we will eliminate silos, promote collaboration and teamwork, identify vulnerabilities early-on, and provide better, faster delivery of software solutions/products. This will also enabled organizations to achieve higher business value through cost savings, improved operations, reduced security threats, reduction of re-work and enhanced quality through automated testing, as well as quick delivery of software early and often with less cycle time to the customer.

Container Security

Organizations leverage Containers to deploy virtualization in a way that allows far more efficient use of computing resources. As Containers are a natural fit for Agile and DevSecOps, Container and Microservices architecture has been on the rise. While Containers are being embraced by the developers at a rapid pace, it can create security headaches due to the way organizations struggle to wrap their people and processes around container development. As part of our DevSecOps approach, we will oversee container development, creating more visibility and transparency between teams and their workflows across the SDLC. We will use security best practices and institute a strict access control program for accessing containers. This will give developers permission to do only things they are supposed to do. Our team has built a repository of security hardened latest images and we will allow images to be built only from an approved base image. We will ensure that the server software components have an acceptable level of vulnerability exposure and are at the minimal required version. Our team will ensure that the image’s OS is up to organization’s standards and the image metadata has the required elements, user context setting and entry point settings. With this approach and our comprehensive DevSecOps processes, we help organizations create inherently more secure applications, faster and more efficiently than ever before.


For mature DevSecOps practices, Organizations need to leverage Automation. With Agile and DevSecOps, Organizations needs to move superfast with security built into the CI/CD process and without Automation, you will never be successful.

Our DevSecOps Engineers are well versed with several test automation tools with a range of capabilities and we conduct security analysis and testing throughout the software development lifecycle, from source-code analysis through integration to post-deployment monitoring. We will embed automated dynamic application security testing (DAST) into SDLC and this will enable checking for vulnerabilities real time, while the application runs. We will set-up automated processes for managing open-source and third-party components and conduct dependency checks with utilities such as OWASP dependency-checker. Our DevSecOps team can also train the development team on secure coding practices. We will assist Organizations to leverage automation tools and practices to integrate security into DevOps pipelines and testing automation.

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